Michael Parent and Greg Boardman 

Bilingual CD!

Chantons --- Let’s Sing, in French and English

Listen to audio samples:

Monter sur un éléphant

Michaud est tombé

Du nanane


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"Thank you for this treasure of a CD . . . The kids loved it!"
--Richard Ruel, father of three

"Man, we love this record." 
--David Holt, Grammy Award winner

"This well-crafted collection of music is entertaining and lends itself to individual and group listening." 
--School Library Journal

Chantons is a CD of wonderful traditional French songs for children and families, sung both in French and English.

French speakers may recognize many of the songs, while non-French speakers can also enjoy them, and learn some French in the process.

Copies of the CD have been distributed to schools throughout Maine, providing another means for teachers to instruct and give a flavor of French and the Franco-American culture to their students.

LA Arts of Lewiston spearheaded the production of "Chantons," and received a New Century Community Arts and Heritage Grant from the Maine Arts Commission and the Maine Humanities Council to do so. The Florence Gould Foundation and the New England Folk Festival Association also provided funding support. 

Chantons contains extensive liner notes with lyrics in both French and English and informative notations about each song.


The Chantons Teacher's Guide is now online here.

A native Mainer of French-Canadian descent, Michael has performed as a storyteller and singer, in both English and French, throughout the United States, and beyond, since 1977. Much of his storytelling is based on material collected from family and other members of the Franco-American community. Michael has also created an award winning audio-tape, "Sundays at Grandma's."

Greg Boardman has co-founded the Maine Country Dance Fiddle Workshop and Maine Fiddle Camp (www.mainefiddle.org), and teaches strings at the Lewiston Public Schools and at Bates College. More about his music can be found at www.bowandstring.com.

Bilingual programs for schools:

Michael's French-Canadian heritage is rich with songs and stories. Growing up in Lewiston, Maine, he was surrounded by family that spoke both French and English.

In his work with children in schools, including bilingual assembly presentations and workshops for French students, Michael combines creativity and fun with practical, useful information. 

The French-English Bilingual Workshop, usually preceded by an assembly of stories and songs, is aimed at deepening and varying the learning experience for students of French. The students engage in activities that supplement their classroom work and enhance their study of the French language. These activities include: conversational interaction, the learning of songs (and some hand-clapping or foot-tapping rhythms to accompany the songs), hearing a story told in French, learning about the French presence in Maine and New England, and sometimes even a juggling lesson in French. 

If you’re interested in this program, please listen to the online audio samples from Michael's CD Chantons – Let’s Sing, in French and English. The Chantons Teacher's Guide is online here, and an accompanying music booklet is available.

To book school programs, E-mail Michael Parent  or call (207) 879-0401


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